From diapers to potty with easy

POTTY TABS, from diapers to potty with easy 1

8 reasons for using POTTY TABS

Support independence and autonomy

Psychologists all over the world agree that potty training is one of the most important events that affect a child's mental development. A positive approach to it thus plays a very significant role.

Internal motivation

It is proven that the best learning outcomes are achieved through internal motivation, where we do something for our inner good feeling. Not for a reward, whether in the form of things, praise or under a threat of a punishment. If we like the learning process itself, then any external motivation is internalized. It is exactly on this basis that POTTY TABS were created.

Modern times need a modern approach

Experts agree that the use of disposable diapers leads to the fact that children nowadays start using the potty later. However, we cannot expect that disposable diapers will cease to be used, nor that the obsolete advice of our mothers and grandmothers will work. POTTY TABS are the answer for today’s parents of children who are used to disposable diapers and are learning to use the potty.

Always different

Research has shown that in order to keep a child interested in potty training the motivation needs to change constantly. When the child likes the motivation, they want to go to the potty on their own again and again, until the practice becomes a habit.

Traditional methods of getting rid of diapers damage parents and children

When someone tries to pin a child to the potty by placing them there early and frequently, they probably do not fully understand the child’s behaviour and maturity. Pressure, increased voice volume, control, or even prayers will not help. On the contrary, to get used to the potty without any problems, a child needs time, a positive attitude and ideally an internal motivation.

Regularly does not mean a couple of times

There is a difference between regular and accidental potty use. The difference is that when the child uses it regularly, you no longer have to place them there, lure or persuade them. The child simply wants to use the potty. Because when the child likes using it there is no danger of returning to diapers.

No “instant” rewards

To convince a child to use the potty in exchange for a reward seems tempting and easy. However, a child is not a dog. And so, after a while they lose interest in the potty and will only be interested in rewards, simply because they are smarter. With POTTY TABS you will no longer need any “instant” rewards.

Convincing results

Nothing is less universal than childcare. Each child is different and has different needs and abilities. However, it has been proven that POTTY TABS work for 46 out of 50 children.

Consumption of Disposable Diapers in 2014

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Source: Nielsen Retail Measurement Sales data