from diapers to potty with easy

Easy transition to potty

Easy transition to potty

With a simple educational tool that will catch your child's interest and entertain them.

And it is different every time

The constantly changing effects inspire curiosity and thus subconsciously reinforce the habit.

And it is different every timePřečíst více
Cloth diapers were replaced GRAF 1900by disposable diapers

The World has changed

But the methods and advice on how to teach children to go regularly to potty remained unchanged.

POTTY TABS, a new way of potty training for children 2+

Natural Natural

POTTY TABS' success is based on natural child curiosity.

Entertaining Entertaining

Using POTTY TABS brings children joy, which is also their reward.

Effective Effective

The positive and natural approach makes the training faster than usual.

POTTY TABS, potty training has never been so easy

At BART'S, our goal is to make parenting easier and to bring some fun to childcare.

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