from nappies to potty with easy

Make potty time fun

Make potty time fun

Capture your little ones imagination with this simple to use idea. Simply pop a tab into the potty to make that big step a fun experience.


Every tab is a new discovery

Inspire curiosity with each tablet having a different visual and audio effect to the last one. Activated by moisture, it will subconsciously reinforce the habit.

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Every tab is a new discoveryPřečíst více
Cloth nappies were replaced GRAF 1900by disposable nappies

500 years to decompose

It is estimated that some disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to decompose. The World has chosen disposable nappies, but how we teach our children to use the potty remains unchallenged.

You can do your bit. POTTY TABS, the new way for potty training children aged 2+

Natural Natural

The key to POTTY TAB’s success in your little one’s transition to potty is focused on natural curiosity.

Entertaining Entertaining

Using POTTY TABS brings children joy.

Effective Effective

This entertaining and natural approach makes speedy potty training a breeze.

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POYYT TABS; potty training has never been so easy

At BART'S, our goal is to make parenting easier and to bring some fun to childcare.

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